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the story of
spare pARTs

one-of-a-kind found art assemblages

My artwork is about second chances and new beginnings. It's about making something out of nothing, and hopefully creating some happiness along the way.

Since I made an exit from the corporate world, I have spent a lot of time creating - drawing, painting, assembling, mixing, gluing, etc. I don't have one specific area of focus, but all of my work has a common theme - it is created out of discarded and previously used materials. Some vintage pieces from antique shops, flea markets and estate sales; some construction waste rescued from dumpsters; and I have to confess, I have stopped to take stock of discarded stuff on tree lawns. I believe most things deserve a second chance!

I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoy creating it.

inside the studio

I love rusty, metal junk. Like a kid in a candy store, looking at it actually makes me happy. How the colors change and combine. How they move through the piece creating an intense overlay, the patina adding a spectacular dimension of character. And the pieces below the rust and patina? Solid, imperfect, heavy, historical, advertising with a story to tell. Finding the right combination of weights, shapes, colors and character takes contemplation and a bit of a different perspective. But when it all comes together, it’s no longer junk- it’s a treasure. 

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